Your donation will go to supporting our multiple efforts in combatting the increasing economic and industrial pressures threatening the Masai Mara, to empower the local people through education, and to expand the highly successful FOC Scouts program.

Your donations are critical to our success and will have a direct and meaningful impact on the people, wildlife and environment of one of the world’s most precious and endangered natural habitats.

A $5,000 donation will pay for 150 Maasai children in the Masai Mara Reserve to experience the natural wonders of their environment or will buy a motorbike for an FOC Scout leader.

$2,500 will pay the yearly salary of six Community Scouts.

$1,000 will pay for the maintenance of a biogas plant or fund an HIV Health and Hygiene Workshop.

$500 can provide four beehives and harvesting gear to a womens group for the production and sale of honey, fostering economic independence.

$250 will buy a Book Box and books for a Maasai school.

$100 will buy 2 mobile phones for the Community Scouts Program.