Founded in 1982, FOC was one of the world’s earliest leaders in the development of community conservation. It has been actively engaging the participation of communities in the Masai Mara area of Kenya since 1988 — planning, decision-making and implementing actions and policies relating to natural resources management and capacity building. Today this continues to be our mission — changing attitudes of local people and officials towards sustainable natural resources management. FOC projects have scientific, cultural and aesthetic importance. Not only do we work to maintain the enjoyment of national and international visitors, but also for the crucial economic benefit of local peoples, providing expertise, education and training, in the support of sustainable enterprise.

As we move forward in our third decade of grassroots efforts, we continue to assist with projects conserving natural and cultural heritage on all seven continents — supporting the needs of children and families in remote or impoverished regions, developing and expanding effective and sustainable use of natural resources, and continuing efforts toward successful natural resources management and education of present and future guardians of one of the true jewels of our planet.