Gijedabung Primary School, opened in 1999, is located on the western border of Tarangire National Park in Northern Tanzania.  The 563 students attending the school live in a rural area and have such a strong desire to learn that they travel many miles on foot through the bush to attend school each day.

Guests staying at Abercrombie & Kent’s Swala Camp can visit the school and meet the students and teachers.  The generosity of visitors and their donations contributed through these A&K visits, assisted the school with the construction of two brick classrooms, desks, an office and furniture, and most importantly, a 2000-litre water storage tank to provide daily drinking water for the students and teachers.

FOC continues to support the Gjideabung School, with donations contributed by visitors to our website and with donations contributed by visitors to the school.  Most recently, the school has used funds raised for building an extra classroom and to start on roofing for the toilet block which is incomplete at this time. 

Students who daily face issues of human wildlife interaction and conflict are learning alternatives to destructive practices, as well as the benefits of conservation and the important role it plays in everyone’s future.

Please help support Gijedabung School.

100% of your contribution to FOC for the Gijedabung Primary School is sent directly to the project, and each donation from U.S. donors is fully tax-deductible. A U.S.-based, international organization, Friends of Conservation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation under Section 501(c )(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; the tax identification number is: 36-3561971.  

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