Enterprise Development
Improving the management of wildlife and natural resources is directly linked to creating new alternative for how people might earn a living through sustainable management of natural resources. Raising the returns on natural capital gives rural communities a stake in sustainable resource management. Generating revenues which make giving up destructive practices worthwhile, makes conservation in each household's financial interest.

FOC supports communities in planning their own development and enterprise priorities, creating a local sense of enthusiasm and ownership. Current projects include building on traditional skills in beadwork and leather, and managing beehives to earn income from the sale of honey, a traditional foodstuff.

Capacity Building
The sustainable use of natural resources and successful conservation management are dependent on defining the rights and structures communities need to establish to be able to make sensible decisions about their resources and how they are used, and how benefits are to be distributed. FOC understands that with management training and ongoing support for these structures, the decision-making processes that take place will lead to management practices consistent with conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.

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