Our Partners in Conservation

Since its inception, Friends of Conservation has received strong corporate support from companies that value a healthy global environment. We acknowledge with sincere thanks and deep appreciation the companies and organizations that have contributed their support to FOC efforts to protect and preserve critical habitat and endangered wildlife.

The Abercrombie & Kent Group of Companies has been the major sponsor of FOC since our inception. Through the Abercrombie & Kent Global Foundation, FOC receives funding for FOC projects in Kenya, and in kind support from A&K assists FOC to allocate more than 85% of contributed support to projects.

As part of A&K's support for the Climate Change Challenge, A&K will plant a tree for every client traveling this year, and the Challenge will raise funds to support grassroots efforts on every continent to address climate change and assist research to monitor fragile environments.

For more than a decade, American Airlines has contributed valuable in kind support to FOC, confirming its public policy that corporations must conduct all aspects of their business as responsible stewards of the environment, and must not compromise the ability of future generations to sustain themselves.

David Davis of Is There Anybody Listening, Inc. has contributed design services for the creation of FOC Conservation Ball plea videos and the redesign of This website. David is an independent consultant who specializes in video, web and music creations. His video presentations can be seen at his website and at YouTube. His music is showcased at www.davidbrucedavis.com

Since the founding of FOC, DHI Visual Communication has contributed design services for the creation of FOC printed materials. DHI's support has also expanded to include the design of promotional multimedia presentations and the past creation of this website.

Annual events have played a significant role in funding FOC projects in the field. We acknowledge with great appreciation the Corporate Sponsors who have generously hosted and underwritten FOC benefit events.

FOC is proud to have the support of Major Corporate Donor and Donors in Kind that recognize their responsibility as leaders of commerce and industry to contribute their efforts as stewards of our environment.

We acknowledge with great appreciation the Foundation and Government Grants awarded to FOC.

We have built strong and trusted relationships with Local Communities, the Tourism Sector, Wildlife Management Authorities, and other Non-Governmental Organizations dedicated to preserving wildlife and wildlife habitats.