Commemorating twenty-five years of Conservation

On Friday, the 5th of October, 2007 over 200 guests commemorated twenty-five years of conservation at the annual fall fund raising event The Conservation Ball, held in Chicago in the Grand Ballroom of Hotel Intercontinental Chicago.

FOC President Reute Butler chaired the event, which included a fascinating and educational wildlife presentation by renowned naturalist Jim Fowler, a founding director of FOC.

The Live Auction at the event was filled with unique and rewarding travel experiences in support of the natural world, such as: 

Close Encounters of the Unparalleled Kind, Australia
Donor:  Undersea Explorer

Seeing a whale from above the water is amazing.  Seeing a whale while in the water, with close and prolonged eye contact, is a lifetime experience. 

The Undersea Explorer Dwarf Minke Whale Project is an incredible experience
of in-water whale encounters unparalleled around the world, interacting while snorkeling, holding on to lines attached to the vessel as it drifts. 

Add the bonus of being involved in behavioral observations and exciting research to identify individual whales, with experts in whale and coral reef biology, and diving and snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef…for a truly extraordinary adventure.

We would like to thank Undersea Explorer for their generous donation. To learn more about Undersea Explorer and the great conservation work they do, please visit:

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